The Pastor and Leadership

(The first in a series of posts from Dr. Merritt on pastoral leadership)

Every pastor has one common element in his job description regardless of the size church that he pastors, his temperament, his skill set, his interests, his passions, or even his educational level. It is the one trait that a pastor must display and develop if he is going to be both effective and efficient in his role and that element is leadership.

I am convinced that leadership can be developed. I am also convinced that leadership must be displayed. Every pastor must understand that ultimately leadership cannot be delegated.  Anyone who is in the public eye and who also carries with him the responsibility of speaking in public, in one sense, is automatically a leader. The question is, “Is he a strong leader or a weak leader?”

A leader is someone with a vision coupled with the ability to communicate that vision in such a fashion that others are motivated to make the vision a reality by setting and achieving goals that will result in the greatest good for all.

There are two dimensions of leadership: private and public. Before a leader can display effective public leadership he must develop his private leadership. Before you can lead others you must first learn to lead yourself. This is why in time management, personal integrity and spiritual consistency are so important. 


Author: Dr. James Merritt, Senior Pastor of Cross Pointe Church and host of Touching Lives