We are pleased to present the sermons of Dr. James Merritt, one of America’s great expository preachers. For more than 40 years, Dr. Merritt has preached God’s Word through the local church he pastors, as well as through Touching Lives weekly television broadcasts. 

Dr. Merritt’s messages are available here via digital download, along with outlines, note pages, PowerPoint slides and other resources. These resources are available for preachers and Bible teachers to use in touching a lost world with the timeless message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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When God Gets Excited

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Scriptures: Mark 2:1-12, Romans 5:12

If you were asked to make a list of what gets you excited, you could probably name the top four of five things easily. But think about this: What gets God excited? There is a story of an incident that took place in the life of Jesus in Mark 2 that gives me some clues on when God gets excited. It is an interesting story that believe it or not revolves around an invalid, in essence a paraplegic.This man had four buddies who evidently had heard that Jesus was in town. They were determined to get their paraplegic friend to Jesus. In this message, Dr. Merritt follows the amazing miracle that happens in Scripture, and how it gives us clues to a faith and life that gets God excited!

"Every problem we have is simply a symptom of the number one problem we all have which is sin. If you want to know why cancer cells show up in the body, babies die, drunk drivers kill innocent people, there is pain in child-birth or why bad things happens to good people, you have got to go all the way back to the first three chapters of Genesis." --Dr. Merritt

Keywords: Jesus, teaching, healing, paraplegic, house, roof, fall, lower, cancer, sickness, symptom, sin, sorrow, suffering, death, faith, forgiveness, blood, Christ, secure, heaven

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