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The Way In: The Right Time

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Episode 3621
Broadcast Date: December 6, 2020
Series: A Way in a Manger
Scripture: Galatians 4:4-7

Message Summary: In our first message of this series, we are going to help those of us who need God to show up in a strong way in our lives, but for whatever the reason He hasn’t yet. We all have those times when we wonder, “Is God asleep? Has He taken a leave of absence? I need God to do something, and I need God to do something now.” In the fourth chapter of a book called Galatians, a man by the name of Paul takes us all the way back, not just to the Christmas story, but what happened before the Christmas story. There are three things we can always know is true about God that should give you, not just peace about your present situation, but patience knowing that God will show up. If you are wondering where God is, what God is doing, and when God will act, let the Christmas story remind you of three things that are always true.

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