We are pleased to present the sermons of Dr. James Merritt, one of America’s great expository preachers. For more than 40 years, Dr. Merritt has preached God’s Word through the local church he pastors, as well as through Touching Lives weekly television broadcasts. 

Dr. Merritt’s messages are available here via digital download, along with outlines, note pages, PowerPoint slides and other resources. These resources are available for preachers and Bible teachers to use in touching a lost world with the timeless message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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The Ultimate Refreshment

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Scriptures: Psalm 103:19, 115:3, 135:5-6, Proverbs 16:33, Job 42:2, Genesis 50:20, 45:8, Matthew 10:29-31, 6:34, 1 Peter 5:7, Romans 11:33-36

We can live in the past, stress in the present and be unsure of the future. All of these lead to a life of overload. But there are four words that can help us live life more confidently and free of the anxiety of wondering what is next: God is in control. In this message, Dr. Merritt looks at the biblical doctrine known as the sovereignty of God. When we understand that God possesses supreme power and authority over everyone and everything, we can begin to release bitterness, fear and worry as we find greater and greater trust in the One who not only is sovereign, but knows us personally.

"There is no life without problems. Some of you will have a child diagnosed with cancer. Some of you may have a husband leave you for another woman or a wife leave you for another man. This past week I found out about a dear friend that I used to pastor who lost his job after twenty-two years and was only three years away from retirement. Those things happen. The only thing that will help you hold it together and keep you from losing your mind is to remember that God is sovereign and God is in control. Today, there will be events and circumstances that happen to all of us that we have no control over whatsoever and that by themselves will try to make us afraid. If God was not in control and if God was not sovereign Jesus' words would be meaningless. If God is not in control then i ought to face life with fear, but if God is in control then i ought to face life with faith." --Dr. Merritt

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