We are pleased to present the sermons of Dr. James Merritt, one of America’s great expository preachers. For more than 40 years, Dr. Merritt has preached God’s Word through the local church he pastors, as well as through Touching Lives weekly television broadcasts. 

Dr. Merritt’s messages are available here via digital download, along with outlines, note pages, PowerPoint slides and other resources. These resources are available for preachers and Bible teachers to use in touching a lost world with the timeless message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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The Church and the Oval Office

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Scriptures: 1 Timothy 2:1-3, Psalm 75:5-7, Daniel 2:21, 4:17, Proverbs 21:1, 31:4-5, 30:8-9, Matthew 6:33

We live in an increasingly divided and partisan culture. With each election cycle the rhetoric gets more vicious, the lines more stark and the calls for action more heated and contrary. The President of the United States may be "the most powerful man in the free world", but he also governs a nation with a multitude of challenges and problems, none of which is an "easy fix". What is the church's first and best support for the leader of the United States? In this message, Dr. Merritt explains how prayer for our President is not only the best and first way Christians can support him, but it is a biblical New Testament mandate for us to do so.

"The President of the United States has pressing needs. He has a need for wisdom to know what is right and then he has a need for the courage to do it. We are obligated to pray for our President that God would met his needs whether they be physical needs, spiritual needs, or emotional needs and yes, even political needs. We are to ask God to bless the President, but to bless him in His way, not our way. It may mean to bless the President with good advisers or good health and even to bless the President by bringing negative things into his life that would turn his heart toward God. Nevertheless, we are to bring the President and other leaders before the Lord and ask God’s blessing and favor on them." --Dr. Merritt

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