Praying Over the Church on Sundays

Recently our staff under the leadership of Dr. Merritt began a new practice at our church which has really changed our hearts and attitudes when it comes to prayer. We began meeting at 8:00 a.m. on Sundays to pray over our church. First our senior staff gathers at our lobby Welcome Desk to pray together, and then we break up individually to pray. Now when I say “pray over” our church, what I mean is...

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Who Is Influencing the Pastor?

As a leader, a Pastor will seek out other leaders from which to learn and grow. Most pastors have several key influences in their lives. These personal heroes may also be personal relationships. Often, though, there are several influencers who are more nationally-known figures—prominent pastors and Christian leaders who speak and write regularly, and whose resources are readily available to other church leaders. How another church leaders becomes such an influencer to a particular pastor...

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