5 Ways to Rebuke In Your Preaching

One duty of the pastor in his preaching is to sometimes rebuke, or call the congregation to repentance and obedience. Most often this is not the focus of the entire sermon, but rather a portion of the message that helps lead the congregation from what the Word says to how we should respond as believers. The rebuke is not yours, but God’s, and typically directed to expose disobedience and call all to repentance. The word...

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Where Should You Focus the Church’s Promotional Efforts?

The cost of media resources in the North American marketplace has fallen dramatically–especially in the age of the web. Still, churches operate from very limited budgets, and media is rightly not as important an expense as the core ministry needs to which the church is instructed to carry out in Acts 2. Promotion is a secondary role for the church, but necessary in the North American culture. Where, then, should the church focus her promotional...

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