Finding Your Pastoral Niche

“What kind of pastor are you?” Have you ever considered that question deeply? In a church leadership role we all have preconceptions and ideas of what a pastor should be. Add to that the plethora of blogs and books and conferences (including this one) which proclaim constantly what a pastor ought to be. The fact is, many pastors have yet to consider their own talents, gifts and abilities in light of their role to help...

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The Difference Between Timely and Timeless Messages

Many pastors believe in the essential importance of messages that are timely. That is, the Sunday teaching must approach ideas that are in the news, culture and church body today. This approach is widely reflected in the evangelical North American church—indeed even in the theming of message and series that Pastors Edge offers. From titles to pop culture take-offs, to some degree every sermon reflects the age in which it is preached. I’m a strong...

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