Elements of a “Base Hit” Sermon

Not every sermon is a “home run” that has the congregation high-fiving you on the way out the door and people streaming down the aisles to profess life-change. We all know this to be true, for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the preacher is not well-prepared, or other service elements might have gone flat before the message, or the message itself did not resonate or connect in terms of subject matter with its intended recipients....

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Spirit-Saturated Preaching

Study and preparation are vital and they are important to being the preacher that God wants you to be.  But, let me tell you what is wrong with a lot of us.  We go to college, go to seminary, get educated, hang enough degrees on the wall to look like a thermometer, and then we get this idea we are doing God a big favor by preaching His Word when we could have been successful...

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