Providing Sermon Notes and Outlines

Encouraging note taking by your congregation will significantly improve their retention of the preaching. Often pastors concentrate on how dynamic the presentation of the teaching will be without as much regard to how they will help the congregation retain the information. But note taking is absolutely key to the sermon penetrating beyond the pews and being taken out beyond the walls of the church by the listeners. According to author and study advisor Walter Pauk,...

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Tips for Teaching on Stewardship

Stewardship is the root canal of sermon topics. Every pastor dreads it, yet know that it is necessary, even essential, to teach foundational truth regarding stewardship in our overly-materialistic culture. In recent months the topic has taken on significance in many churches as economic conditions weigh on congregations. Many pastors have been caught flat-footed with tithes and offerings diminishing as unemployment rises. How do you approach stewardship in a meaningful, practical and impactful way to...

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