Leading In Public

(The third in a series of posts by Dr. Merritt on pastoral leadership) 

A pastor’s leadership is both public and private. Public leadership is not management. The key to leading others is to recognize the difference between leading and managing. There is a huge difference. The reason why many pastors are not effective leaders is because they are actually managing rather than leading.

  • Leadership is doing the right things.
  • Management is doing things right.
  • Leadership asks: “What do I want to accomplish?”
  • Management asks: “How can I best accomplish it?”
  • Leadership can never be delegated.
  • Management must always be delegated.
  • Leadership takes risks.
  • Management minimizes risks.

    The single greatest platform the pastor has to lead is the “platform”.  In other words–the pulpit. The effective pastor must learn to use both the Scriptures and his sermons to lead his people. The pastor should do ninety-five percent of his counseling in his preaching.


    Author: Dr. James Merritt, Senior Pastor of Cross Pointe Church and Host of Touching Lives