Characteristics of Effective Pastoral Leadership

(The fourth in a series of posts by Dr. Merritt on pastoral leadership) 

Conviction. The leader must know where he wants to go. He must have a clear vision of who he is, what God has called him to do and the determination to lead others to accomplish his vision and goals.

Communication. The leader must effectively communicate where the group should go, the direction that the group should take and do it with passion and enthusiasm that both motivates the group to take action, and elevates the vision to the highest priority.

Courage. As a leader you must have the courage to face opposition and criticism when you are convinced you are headed in the right direction. I believe the greatest reason why more pastors are not true leaders is because they do not have the courage to pay the price.

Commitment. There can be no “give-up-itis” in the leader. There must be an unwavering determination once the course is set to see the vision and the goal through to the end. The University of Georgia football team has as their permanent creed these three words: Finish The Drill.

Confidence. You must be confident at all times that you are God’s man for the hour, convinced that you are doing what you believe God is leading you to do and then leave the results to God and not worry about the consequences.

Consistency. You must lead by example. You must never ever ask anyone, whether it is your people or your staff, to do something you yourself are not willing to do whether it is to tithe, witness, go on a mission trip or make a sacrifice.

———————–Author: Dr. James Merritt, Senior Pastor of Cross Pointe Church and Host of Touching Lives