5 Ways to Promote Your Message Series

Promo cards. Create promotional postcards to hand out and mail, several weeks in advance of the message series. Insert a promo card in each weekend bulletin, and encourage your congregation to hand the card to a friend and invite them to worship. Have ushers hand a card to each person as they leave the building. Send promo cards home with Mother’s Day Out children, or in conjunction with other ministry programming.

Mailouts. Despite the proliferation of online media, mailings are still quite effective in building the name of your church in the community. If you have the resources, mail promotional postcards to people in your area. Concentrate on the 5-mile radius around your church.

From the pulpit. Mention upcoming messages and series at the beginning or end of your sermon. Talk about your studies and your excitement about future opportunities to teach. Dangle a carrot of intrigue by sharing an interesting illustration or tidbit about what’s coming. Never underestimate the pulpit as a powerful promotional tool.

Social media. Make sure you’re pressing the message series on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ or other social media outlets. Over 60% of North Americans are involved in social media at least once a week, and many will read and pass on your posts. Remember social media posts should be personal and interesting versus primarily promotional—like mentioning the message series in a conversation.

Mobilize small groups. Your Sunday School or small groups are great promotional avenues. Ask them to adopt a neighborhood or ethnic/demographic group to invite to the message series. Hold a prayerwalking Saturday where small group members pray through neighborhoods and place promotional flyers or doorhangers at each home (remember, don’t actually place promotional materials inside mailboxes—that’s illegal).  You’ll be amazed at how praying for neighborhoods builds a burden for personal evangelism in the hearts of your congregation.


Author: Eugene Mason, Communications Director for Cross Pointe Church under the leadership of Dr. James Merritt.